Welsh in Business Support Officer for Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan: Catrin Cooke 


Our Welsh in Business Support Officer can help you use more Welsh in your business free of charge.

They provide a bespoke service offering practical advice and tools as well as helping you find further relevant support.


What they offer

Your local business support officer can:

  • help your business with identifying how to increase Welsh language customer services 
  • translate signs, menus, social media messages and promotional materials for free
  • help improve Welsh language interaction between your staff and customers 
  • direct you at learning providers that will help improve Welsh language skills whatever the level 
  • show how to recruit Welsh speakers and Welsh learners
  • help you understand who your customers are and how the Welsh language can be important for them
  • offer support on how to market and promote your business amongst Welsh speakers.
  • give advice on local networks that can support your business
  • provide bilingual merchandise such as open and close signs and badges that indicate you and your staff speak Welsh or are learning

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